2017-10-25 ASELIS repo based on RG presented in seminar by Association of Greek Librarians

ASELIS repo on greek history, which is based on the RG platform, will be presented in a seminar on semantic data organized by the Association of Greek Librarians at the Eygenidis Foundation in Athens on the 3th of November 2017.

ASELIS is maintained by Pantelis Brattis and acts as a testbed on how ontologies and linked data can be utilized to capture and maintain knowledge in research in history. Showcasing how our approach and ReasonableGraph platform can be applied in digital  humanities. participation @ Greek IAML Branch Conference

2017-04-21 participation @ Greek IAML Branch Conference

On the 21th and 22th of April 2017, the 1st Annual Conference of Musical Libraries and Archives (conference program) will take place at Athens, Greece, organized by the Greek IAML Branch and Lilian Voudouri Music Library of Greece. will be there with a presentation on "Adjusting semantic models FRBR, FRAD and FRSAD on musical archives" (demo at:

Looking forward to see you there.


Open Source
RG platform is delivered as an open-source project under the GPL licence
Our inclusive approach meets the needs of the print-disabled community. The search (OPAC) and digital item retrieval modules meet the W3C Web Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 level AAA.
Graph Representation
Data are modelled as a graph. Best suite for semantic data natively modelled as such. Flexible schema and ontology management. Entities represented as nodes encapsulating properties in a tree structure
Graph Engine
Generic and efficient management of graph data. Ability to specify and handle specific subgraph for each specific application entity and for each procedure. Optimization of memory utilization.
Powerful inference engine for manipulating and inferring on the graph data. Fully customisable to each specific data and application domain. Handles data export to other logically equivalent data schemas and ontologies.
Full Text Search functionality provided through the FTS module based on Apache Solr

How it works

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